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At Vintage Creative we are invested in the success of our clients. As a strategic marketing partner, the creative experts at Vintage help businesses grow through brand equity. We collaborate with our clients to create an experience that strengthens, grows or revitalizes your brand and your business. People are more likely to select a brand that they recognize, trust and perceive to be in line with their beliefs and values. Brand equity is the increased value a business receives when a brand is able to influence consumers’ behaviour and can provide the security of sustained future revenue.

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How we do it

Strategy & Foundation

There’s lots to discover with a brand. Where does it fit? Who does it speak to? Who competes with it? We start the process by creating a strategic foundation and determining the core tenets of its position and build on what makes it different, engaging and valuable.

Develop & Implement

From concept to reality, we put the building blocks together and then implement and execute on brand materials in the appropriate marketing channels. This process is detailed and in depth to ensure we can approach implementation of the brand on every level, including strategy, messaging, visuals, and customer experience.

Test & Measure

We intentionally apply marketing tactics that can be tested and measured for success with your audience. Gaining a deeper understanding of how your brand resonates with your consumer and taking the time to measure the results, iterate and adjust accordingly.

Nurture & Grow

Through listening, adapting, evolving, and engaging, we leverage targeted content and focus on multiple touch points to nurture engagement with your audience while strategically growing your brand to new audiences and markets.

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