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Av By Vintage is a technology-driven company offering clients a unique blend of audio-visual production and technology implementation services. It is our goal to enable our clients to connect with large audiences through exciting video presentations and well-produced, engaging events through the implementation of modern technologies and creation of smart technologies.

Highly known for its dedicated service to customers and a unique standard of excellence in the audio-visual services industry. We strive to meet all our clients’ production needs without the hassle. Our team will make your event one to remember through a combination of personal AV services, proven experience, powerful production expertise and audio visual equipment rentals.

Av By Vintage provides customized, state-of-the-art AV services for events ranging from small corporate gatherings to large-scale conventions. We provide customized audio-visual equipment rentals which include sound system rentals, video equipment rentals, video wall rentals, stage rentals, event lighting rentals, and stage decking rentals, along with full production management for corporate events, tradeshows, conventions and more. With outstanding technical and production expertise, the Av By Vintage team works personally with each client to design and produce unique and engaging events.


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We provide creative and turn-key solutions that help you customize your event, your way. Our solutions are cost-effective and deliver on value for our clients. More than simply audio-visual support, we also offer a variety of leading edge presentation technologies, large inventories of in-house equipment and highly committed personnel.

We are proud to invest in a team of highly skilled, experienced professionals that work closely with you from inception to execution, to help your event exceed your expectations. We invest in mandatory training for all our personnel to ensure that we offer you the highest level of service unparalleled by the events industry.

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